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plant protein vs animal protein

Plant Protein vs animal Protein: Which is better for Muscle Building?

Plant Protein vs animal Protein: Which one is better? Proteins are the primary macronutrient required by the human body to stay alive and function properly. because your body does not store protein, it is essential to consume enough protein on daily basis. to fulfill the requirement of protein you consume protein from various sources including plant and animal. Some of […]

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Top 6 Bodyweight Shoulder Exercises You Should Do Anywhere

Bodyweight Shoulder Exercises: The Shoulder (Deltoid) is a large three head muscle group consisting of Front, Side, and Rear delt. to get 3D looking broad shoulders you have to compulsorily train all these three heads of your shoulders. so, in this article, I’m going to share with you the most popular Bodyweight shoulder exercises which will help you to train […]

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