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pumpkin seeds health benefits

12 Proven – Pumpkin Seeds Health Benefits

Pumpkin seeds are not just seeds, but they are treasures of various health benefits.

They contain a very high amount of Fiber, Vitamins, Magnesium, healthy fatty acids, zinc, copper.

Because of this, Pumpkin seeds are packed with various types of health benefits.

Regular consumption of just one handful of Pumpkin seeds can safeguard you from various serious illness such as Heart diseases, Diabetes, various types of cancers, Arthritis, High blood pressure and much more.

So, Here are the health benefits that Pumpkin seeds serve to us.

1. Improve Digestion

pumpkin seeds health benefits

Pumpkin seeds are rich in fiber due to which regular consumption of 10 to 15 gm pumpkin seeds helps to improve digestion. Other than improving Digestion it also helps to solve the problems related to gas, piles, and constipation.

2. Improves Eyesight

pumpkin seeds health benefits

This is another health benefits which Pumpkin Seeds serve to us.

Pumpkin seeds are one of the rich sources of vitamin A. Being a rich source of vitamin A regular consumption of them helps to improve eyesight.


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3. Improves Bone density

pumpkin seeds health benefits

Another great health benefits of consuming Pumpkin seeds regularly is that they help to improve our bone density. Pumpkin seeds contain a high amount of Magnesium, Zinc, and Vitamin K which help in increasing our bone density and make it more stronger.

Additionally, it also reduces the risk of Osteoporosis and Arthritis. 

If you are already suffering from Arthritis Pumpkin seed is a great remedy to cure it.

So consume them regularly and stay away from joint pains. 😉  😉 

4. Helpful In Treatment And Prevention Of Breast Cancer

pumpkin seeds health benefits

In a recent research, it was found that pumpkin seeds are very beneficial in the treatment and prevention of breast cancer. The Phytosterols present in Pumpkin seeds act as a great agent to kill cancer-causing cells in the breast.

So if you want to be on the safe side make Pumpkin seeds a part of your regular diet.

5. Treat Premature Ejaculation

pumpkin seeds health benefits

Presence of high amount of Magnesium in Pumpkin seeds helps to treat the problem of premature ejaculation. It is good to consume them with milk for the better result.

6. Reduce Bad Cholesterol

pumpkin seeds health benefits

As I have already discussed Pumpkin seeds contains a very high amount of Phytosterol. So due to the presence of these phytosterols, it helps to reduce the bad cholesterol level of our body. which ultimately leads to a reduction in the chances of heart diseases

7. Maintain PH Level

pumpkin seeds health benefits

Pumpkin seeds are great Alkelizers due to which they help to maintain the PH level of our body.

8. Improves Sleep quality

pumpkin seeds health benefits

Pumpkin seeds are an excellent source oftryptophan which gets converts into Serotonin and Niacin. Serotonin is veryhelpful in increasing our sleep quality.

9. Cures High Blood Pressure

Pumpkin seeds contain a very high amount Potassium and Magnesium which helps in treating high blood pressure.

All those persons who are suffering from high blood pressure should include 10 to 15 gms of roasted Pumpkin seeds into their daily routine.

10. Reduces Depression

pumpkin seeds health benefits

Pumpkin seeds contain L-Tryptophan which helps in lowering depression.

11. Improves Brain Health And Memory

pumpkin seeds health benefits

This is another great health benefit which motivates me to add pumpkin seeds into my diet.

We all know that our brain requires omega 3 Fatty acid to function properly and effectively. 

Pumpkin seeds are the powerhouse of these Omega 3 fatty acids. due to which it helps our brain to function properly and improves its memory.

12. Controls Diabetes

pumpkin seeds health benefis

Pumpkin seeds have the capability to control and maintain our blood sugar level. so it is very beneficial for those who are suffering from Diabetes.

Even in a recent research, it was found that long-term consumption of pumpkin seeds can cure diabetes.

13. Boost Immunity

Pumpkin seeds are also known as the great immunity booster. Regular consumption of pumpkin seeds can improve your immunity and can protect your body from various types of infection

so consume them regularly and make your immune system stronger.

14. Good For Hairs

pumpkin seeds health benefits

Pumpkin seeds contain all those essential elements which are required for healthy hairs.

The benefits the pumpkin seeds serve to our hairs are:-

1. Prevent hair fall.

2. Increase hair growth.

3. Prevents Hair whitening.

4. Solves Dandruff related problems.

15. Good for Skin

pumpkin seeds health benefits

Here are another great benefits that Pumpkin seeds serve to us.

Following are the benefits that Pumpkin seeds serve to our skin.

1. Lock moisture into the skin.

2. Cures wound Faster.

3. Prevent wrinkles.

4. Keep skin glowing and young 

16. Good For Muscle Growth

pumpkin seeds health benefits

Pumpkin seeds are one of the rich sources of protein. Just 100 gm of Pumpkin seeds contain 30 gm of Protein and we all importance of Protein for muscle building.

17. Kills Intestinal Worms

Pumpkin seeds are one of the best home remedies to kill intestinal worms.

How To Use Pumpkin Seeds

Take a And Cut it using a Knife. Using a spoon scrape the pulp and seeds out of the pumpkin into a bowl.

Separate the seeds from its pulp and wash it with cold water.

Spread them in the single layer under the sun for at least 2 to 3 hours and leave them to dry.

After they get properly dry roast them on a medium flame. add some pepper and salt and cheers they are ready to serve you their benefits.

Final Words

Now you know at least 17 health benefits that pumpkin seeds serve to us and I’m pretty much sure that from now onward you will not throw them as a waste. These are just a fraction of the health benefits that pumpkin seeds serve to us.

If you know some more health benefits of Pumpkinseed please let us know. you can use the below-given comment section to share your knowledge with us. 

If we found your knowledge valuable we will add it to our list with your name.

Stay healthy Stay Fit

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