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side effects of steroids

What are the side effects of steroids?: You Should Know

If you want to know the side effects of steroids? then you have come to the right place.

nowadays steroids are becoming very popular among various athletes and bodybuilders. they use them to enhance their performance during their competition.

In present, there are more than 100 different varieties of steroids available, but only a few of them are approved for human use under the medical prescription.

An estimate shows that there is more than $ 400 million worth of black market sale of steroid every year and most of these illegally sold steroids use are linked to athletic competition because these steroids are used in competition to enhance the performance of athletes.

A Quick Navigation To Side Effects Of Steroids

  1. What the hell Steroids are.
  2. History of Steroids
  3. Short term side effects of steroids
  4. Long term side effects of Steroids

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What the hell steroids are?

Steroids are a type of drugs or hormonal substance that is chemically related to the testosterone. testosterone is a male hormone that promotes muscle growth.

History of Steroids

Steroids were first created in 1930 by a team of scientist. steroids were created as a synthetic form of testosterone (a male hormone that promotes muscle growth) to help those individuals who are unable to produce the enough of the hormone for healthy growth and proper sexual function.

later during world war 2, Steroids (a synthetic form of testosterone) was used to help the weak soldiers to increase their weight and enhance their performance.

After the world war, 2 various athletes began to use the steroids to enhance their performance in the competition. due to which in 1956 Olympic various athletes performed at the extraordinary level.

After that, an American physician (Dr. Zeigler) developed the more updated form of steroid that we know today as anabolic steroids. after the creation of anabolic steroid, until 1970 the steroid becomes more popular among the athletes. in 1975 the International Olympic Committee banned the use of steroids in Olympic.

Then after a couple of years the, Congress passed the steroid Enforcement act of 1990. so that the use of steroids can be banned. but a survey shows that still steroids are used by the many adult individuals across the world. which is a matter of deep thinking.

Side effects of steroid on male and female body

Short-term side effects of steroids.side effects of steroids

  1. Rapid weight gain.
  2. Acne
  3. Increase in muscle size.
  4. Insomnia (difficulty in sleeping)
  5. Increase in blood pressure.
  6. Swollen ankle and feet.
  7. High cholesterol level.
  8. A headache.
  9. Reduction in sperm count.

Long-term side effects of steroids

  1. Premature heart attack.
  2. Heart attack.
  3. Liver cancer.
  4. clotting difficulties
  5. Increase in muscle size.
  6. clotting disorder.
  7. blood clotting difficulty.
  8. Reduction in sexual functionality.
  9. Erectile dysfunction.
  10. Liver, cardiovascular and reproductive organ damage.
  11. Growth in body hairs.

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Steroids are very harmful to your health until they are taken under any prescribed medical condition.  There are N numbers of ‘side effects of steroid’ and overdosage of steroid can lead you to death. please do not inject steroids in your body. whatever your goals are to try to achieve them naturally. I highly recommend you to no to inject steroids in your body.







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